Our first NYC FAM and sightseeing Guide Exam study session was in January 2010 at the Sheraton Towers and all 30 participants passed the exam and were licensed.

Updated and Available Now! NYC Study Pack

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Your time is valuable, we know that. So if you're looking to get your NYC Sightseeing Guide License as quickly as possible, you've found the only study aid you will need. 

ThNYC Study Pack:

- written with one idea in mind: prepare the user for the exam in the least amount of time!

- a collection of 300+ topics from what could be tens of thousands of facts about the Big Apple

- topics included have appeared on at least one for the four versions of the NYC Sightseeing Guide exam between 2009-2017

- topics collected based on exit interviews conducted with 50 Tour Pros following their exam.

- includes recently added, interesting factual statements and "hidden gems" about NYC to 

build your commentary with

We believe that should you research and record the answers to these topics you will have the best chance of passing the exam on your first try. As of 2020, the NYC Sightseeing Guide exam still consists of 150 questions, with the exam-taker needing to score at least 96 correct to pass. There is no time limit to complete the exam. In our five years of selling our manual to users we have had a 100% passing rate, with just one user scoring under a score of 120, the threshold needed to secure a "star of achievement" next to your name on the official NYC government listing of licensed NYC Sightseeing Guides.