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Here are testimonials from Tour Pros who have taken our NYC FAM and Sightseeing Guide exam prep course over the years:

"Thanks for the NYC Study Pack, Tom. I took the exam this week and passed with 136/150. Couldn't have done it without your help." 

- Scott T

"It was a great class and we all went into the exam well prepared and confident!!! Thanks guys! Can't wait to get back to NYC and share all my new found knowledge and enthusiasm!" 

Barb W. 

"I took Tom's NYC tour guide class last weekend. It is the best, well laid out and comprehensive. We had a Ph.D. in art history take us around to familiarize us with the architecture. We went to NJ and learned little known routes to bypass traffic into NYC. All of us passed, kudos to Tom and Alice Devereaux." 

- LaNelle D. 

"If anyone is interested in the NYC license, I have to say that Tom Schoenwald's seminar is like taking a trip in an unfamiliar area with the most knowledgable and enthusiastic bus driver you ever met. Just relax and enjoy." 

- Tony S. 

"I'm very glad I did the course, and I would recommend it highly to those who need to take the NYC exam and who are starting their careers as guides. The test supervisor was very, very impressed by all of the USA Tour Pros who took the exam over the past two weeks. In fact, she said she had never seen so many well-prepared test-takers in all the four years she has worked at the test site. Bravissimi USA Tour Pros!" 

- Emma G. 

"I want to say that the whole experience was outstanding, excellent, and worthwhile. If the purpose was to prepare me to pass the NYC sightseeing guide license, gain a better knowledge (logistically and historically) of the city of New York, and give me the confidence I need, and make me a better NYC guide, this course and your organization (and the people behind it) score a perfect 10!!! I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities you have made possible for my continuing career as a professional tour guide in NYC."

- Richard K.